Cambridge is an internationally renowned hotbed of innovation and entrepreneurship, and its "Silicon Fen" moniker is well-earned. Over 250 high-tech startups have been established in Cambridge in the last 10 years - 19 of them in 2011!

In contrast to London's vibrant digital and creative startup scene, however, much of the attention locally has been directed towards "hard science" fields such as microprocessors, pharma/biotech and cleantech. This has left sectors such as web and online, mobile apps, digital marketing and software development arguably a little overshadowed.

This site is a modest attempt to redress the balance. It profiles the 250+ Cambridge high tech startups formed since 2001.

To get started, please choose an industry sector from the list below...

  • Advertising & Marketing
    Digital advertising, online marketing, email marketing, blogging and social media, PPC and SEO services, marketing communications.
  • Consulting Services
    Consulting, advisory and business development services aimed at startups, SMEs and growth-stage companies.
  • Financial Services
    Funding and grant advisory services, financial services for smaller companies.
  • Games Software and Gaming Platforms
    Games development for all platforms, augmented reality and AI, graphics, gaming hardware.
  • Hardware
    Comms, networking and wireless, power, circuits, cryptography and IT-related hardware.
  • Mobile & Apps
    Tablet and mobile development, apps, SMS/text messaging services.
  • Software
    Consumer, business and enterprise software, software development and deployment.
  • Web
    Web/internet technologies, search engines and portals, web apps, cloud/web-based services, web design and web development.